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14 December 2014

File Overlap

Exercise 23 (and Solution)

Given two .txt files that have lists of numbers in them, find the numbers that are overlapping. One .txt file has a list of all prime numbers under 1000, and the other .txt file has a list of happy numbers up to 1000.

(If you forgot, prime numbers are numbers that can’t be divided by any other number. And yes, happy numbers are a real thing in mathematics - you can look it up on Wikipedia. The explanation is easier with an example, which I will describe below.)


You’ll need to stitch together a few ideas of things I’ve previously talked about on this blog, so if you need a refresher in any of these topics, now is your chance! Of course, there are any number of ways to do this exercise, so these are only suggestions.


  1. Reading a file, in Exercise 21
  2. Number types and converting to integers from strings, in Exercise 1
  3. Lists, in Exercise 3 and Exercise 5

Happy coding!

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